Michael OpsteeghWho am I, and why am I writing about typography?

By day, I am a mild-mannered technical writer, and by technical writer, I mean jack-of-all-trades. I mostly write software manuals, polices and procedures, and user guides. I also get conscripted into writing articles for blogs, newsletters, and knowledge bases, maintain web sites, write and edit marketing collateral, design graphics for marketing, logos, icons, and the web, and develop forms, tables, and graphs. Unofficially, I am asked to review résumés, letters, and emails for friends and family.


But what’s this typography nonsense? Typography plays an important role in your personal and professional life. More and more, what you say is not perceived through the tone of your voice, facial expressions, or gestures, but through words that you type. Your type is competing with everyone else’s type for attention, so you’d better bring your a-game. I want to teach you how to create documents, web pages, and presentations that people will actually want to read.


Michael Opsteegh

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