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Taking the Show on the Road

Michael Opsteegh presents at the 2011 STC Summit

Michael Opsteegh presenting “Putting Your Best Font Forward” at STC’s 2011 Summit. Photo courtesy Jamie Gillenwater.

Over the past several months, I have had the opportunity to talk to groups of technical and professional writers about improving the typography their documents. It has been an extreme pleasure to speak with these writers, and each group seemed eager to learn about typography and engaged in lively discussions.

The presentation, “Putting Your Best Font Forward,” is essentially a semester-long course on typography crammed into to an hour or hour and a half and focuses on issues that seem to plague technical documentation.

It was a supreme and humbling pleasure to be able to bring this presentation to the Society for Technical Communication’s 2011 Summit in Sacramento, California. The presentation was so well attended that I didn’t bring enough handouts, which was unfortunate, because I included a lot of practical information that could not be covered within the time limitations.

To those of you in attendance who did not receive a handout, I owe you my sincere apologies. I am very grateful that you attended. You can download the slides and the handouts below. I hope to see all of you in Chicago in 2012!

Putting Your Best Font Forward Slides

Presentation slides

Presentation handouts